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Conversational UI

A Conversational UI gives users the privilege of interacting with the computer on human terms. It is a paradigm shift from the earlier communications achieved either by entering syntax-specific commands or clicking icons. Conversational interface allows a user to tell the computer what to do. Conversational UI is more social in the way the user “contacts”, “invites” and “messages” than the traditional apps that are technological in nature where the user downloads and installs.

Our Work

Our work is conversational.  You will need to call up our actions on Google or Alexa to listen to our work

Our News

Read more about the latest voice agents and developments here.

Google Convention 2019

June 4th, 2019|

Google Convention 2019 saw the announcement of many new features for the Google Assistant.  Our developers are excited

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What Our Clients Say

Great conversation flow.  Good fallback ideas.  Great testing schedule.  Worked within budget.

Luis Desalvo, Five Days of Fashion

Loved the ideas.  Helped us create a 24/7 customer service support line.

Shelia McCourtney, InStyle Home Solutions

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