The History Behind Our Media Group


Compton Media Group was established in 2013 by founder and Director Chris Compton.  After completing his University Degree with honours at the University of NSW, Chris started working for BHP in process management.  During his time at  BHP he witnessed the amazing efficiencies which could be obtained by automation.  Leaving BHP in 2013, Chris decided to set up his own business to help other business harness these new AI technologies.

The efficiencies, offered to all sized businesses, through chatbots, voice assistants and digital assitants is growing exponentially as AI (artificial intelligence) and NLG (Natural Language Processing) becomes more human like.  AI can take over a growing number of tasks meaning that businesses can grow and with more control of their staffing costs.

The Right People In The Right Jobs

Innovative, creative and dedicated staff are important to all businesses.  We think ours are pretty good!

Chris Compton
Chris ComptonCEO & Founder
Honors Graduate from the University of NSW. Accelerate Graduate program with BHP, Chris has seen the benefits of AI technology in action.
Ashish Tripathi
Ashish TripathiHead of Development
Ashish has been working within the Google development community for over 6 years. He is a software developer who has worked with python, selenium, javascript and specifically node.js.
He has specialised in creating chatbots for multiple platforms using various frameworks like that of microsoft, facebook and google; and creating skills for virtual assistants like alexa and google assistant.
Andre Carrabella
Andre CarrabellaChatbot and Conversational UI Specialist
Expert in Chatbots and Conversational UI

Want to know how AI and Voice could benefit your business?

We work with small, medium and large corporates.  We work to your budget from a small chatbot on your website, to a large API’s that allow staff to interact with your inhouse systems. Voice is the way of the future.